Thursday, April 3, 2008


LQQK at my new toy!! I love it already! lol I just put it together right now and tested it. I heard that it's hard to load the tape, you just have to read the instruction and follow it specially the direction of the tape. Other than that it's a breeze.

A friend told me about this place here in Canada who sells atg gun and tapes, it's called
I ordered last week wednesday and got it today. $55.00 for the 714 ATG gun and $5.00 for 1/4" acid free 36 yards tape if you order set of 12 with $10.00 shipping. They have a warehouse here in Calgary if you want to just pick it up (I tried to do that but they didn't have it here so they had to ship from Vancouver)
The other place I was going to order was in the states. It's cheaper than nhsmedia but they don't deliver outside US. You have to know somebody from the states to be the middle person then ship to you.
Thanks for LQQKING!

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