Friday, October 31, 2008

Call me CRAZY

Yup...I'm already setting up for my next Saturday Craft with the ladies. This one is my fav!! I got the inspiration from Maria's blog. I can't believe how easy this one is, I think I can make this one all the time and not get sick of it.

Here's another one that's a little bit smaller. I'm thinking of making an invitation set to sell to my Saturday Craft class.

I cheated on this one. It is so cute... I just printed it off the computer and added some bling. I'm just gonna show the ladies that using the computer is as good...just gonna have to dress it up a bit and VOILA!

I wanted to use the sewing machine for this one.... key word "wanted"

Can't really tell, but this one is chocolate chip and green. I am soooo digging this color now! I was at the Pantry today and they have the Bazzill paper on sale for 35% off. You got it!! I picked up chocolate and lime green.
Trick or Treat bloggers,

Trick or Treat

Check out my little princess...I thought the wig was so cute. She didn't wear it that long. she just wanted to show it to her teacher and that was it.
Of course... big sister's Halloween party, the little one had to dress up too. I didn't tell my oldest one to pose that way.... lol I guess it just comes naturally when you're a princess.

Happy Hallowbloggin,

Sunday, October 26, 2008

Saturday Class

My first time doing a craft class went really good. I was kind a worried that they will be here longer than the scheduled time and that they will be all frustrated. They were all happy that everything was prep for them, even the stamped image. I guess they just wanted to end up with lots of cards than to learn new technique. I put all of my cards and gift tags for sale and I sold total of $60.00. WOOO HOOO!! Scrapbook pantry here I come. They were hinting about next class...I am soooo looking forward to the next class.

Today was my nephew's 9th birthday and I delivered the sympathy/get well cards to his grandma. Of course it's a party so...everybody just have to check out the goodies and it looks like I have another big order coming my way. It's usually a year supply of birthday and anniversary cards for the whole family.

Thanks for bloggin by,

Card #7 & #8

This is definitely not a KISS method. If I run out of time to create, then I will use this one as card #7

We made this kind of card from my stampin up class. Definitely a lot of work into it. If I do end up using this one, then I will prep everything so the girls will only have to glue it together.

With this one, I think I'm going to let the ladies do the cutting and the border punching. I'm hoping we will have enough time to at least do one card from scratch. What do you think?

Thanks for bloggin by!

Season's Greetings

Card #6

I wasn't thinking when I made this card. The cut and emboss die cut is soooo cute, but doing all 11 of them wasn't that fun. Then I dicided to use my Martha Stewart border punch... not once but 3 times. So I sat there punching my paper 30 times for the other 10 cards.

Thanks for bloogin by!

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Holiday Greetings

Card #5

Another simple one for you. I got the image from Crystal (Scrapbook Pantry) with Tracy's ink pad and of course Shannon's nesties. Thanks again ladies!


Friday, October 24, 2008

Card #4

I am getting better with this KISS method! Gosh... no ribbon, no bling not even a sentiment.

I believe this one is Nancy's stamp. (thanks Nancy)

Thanks for bloggin by!

Thursday, October 23, 2008

Be Merry and share with Merlie

Card #3

Okay... this one is Tracy's stamp and ink pad, Shannon's nesties and liquid applique, Dianne's stampin up markers and Linda's chalk.
Pretty darn good eh? considering the only thing that was mine was the paper and ribbon.
And I was all stressed about packing everything.... Thanks ladies!

Thanks for bloggin by!

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It's "snow" cold here without you!

I just love the sentiment! I know I got the sentiment from Crystal and I think the snowman is Nancy's again. Thanks Nancy

Thanks for bloggin by!

Monday, October 20, 2008

What a blast

Calgary Classic was so much fun. There were 7 in our group and boy....I would do it again next year. Actually the group were talking about doing it again sometime in December. It's much better than the classic! **CRAFT till you DROP** It's a weekend retreat and you can forget about going to sleep cause you can crop all day and all night. Hmmmm...I'm gonna have to see if I can swing that to the hubby.

It was a productive weekend for me. I did 6 cards for the Saturday craft that I'm hosting this weekend.

Here is card #1

I was so busy borrowing stamp images, I can't even tell you who the maker and who the owner is. I think it's Nancy's

I thought this card is very simple and easy for my class.... I was told to use KISS method (keep it simple stupid) It was hard for me to use the KISS method, there's always something missing... but if we are going to do 10 cards in 3 hours I guess I have to do it very simple and easy.

Till next post TTFN!

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Calgary Classic

Wooo Hooo! Calgary classic this weekend.. 3 hrs on Friday night/14 hrs on Saturday and 9 hrs on Sunday with pure CRAFTING! That's 26 hours of no can you tell I'm excited???

I haven't pack yet. yeah... for somebody that is so excited you would think I will have everything ready and packed (even the kitchen sink). I have till tommorow afternoon to decide.

I know I need to do 10 christmas cards by next weekend. A friend of mine asked me to host a craft camp for her and her 17 other friends. I thought it would be around 5 ladies or 8 at the most, then I saw the evite. Thank God... only 6 can make it out of 17 (for now). I will prep 10 cards per christmas card to be on the safe side.

So... by Monday I will have cards to share with you.

Thanks for bloggin by!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Rock Star

My Oh My.. check out my little rock star! She has been asking for a guitar non stop. Thank god my little trick is still working for me. "Remember it and we will tell Santa that is what you want for Christmas" hehehe I know that's not gonna last long, but I'm going to milk it till the very last day. Hubby just came back from Vegas... so he got her the rock guitar.
Well... I have no card to post. With hubby being gone for a week... I was ready to go to bed every night before the kids are. Hopefully this weekend I will get to play. Was hopping I can do that tonight but we are going to the hockey game (pre-season)
Thanks for bloggin by!