Thursday, December 18, 2008

Happy Holidays

This one is soooo cute! I got it from Tracy and she did a fantastic job with the coloring. I don't know what she used, but when I feel the image... it feels like sticker (but it's not!) It's funny.... I was just checking out some Christmas stamps to buy on line and this was on my wish list. Thanks Tracy for the beautiful card!

Are you ready for Christmas? Only 6 more days!

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Birthday Card

This card was made by Dixie, and It looks like she used her Cricut. It very nice! specially with that green background. Thanks Dix, Glenn and the boyz.

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Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My last Christmas Cards

Wheew... I think I'm all done with Christmas cards!
I was able to do one embroidery card and I did the easiest one . I was going to add some beads, but just didn't have enough time.
Driving was BRUTAL today!! The kids were late 1 hour, it would of been 1.5 but the last kid didn't need a ride. Ahhhh.... just 2 more days and we're OFF for 2 weeks. Hopefully the weather will get better and melt all the snow!!! You know... I'm soooo OOOKKK with no snow for Christmas.
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Meowy Christmas

This image I think I got from Shannon. I think this one is my favorite (could it be because it's GREEN?)
and I just love the sentiment "Meowy Christmas" that is just way tooo cute!

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Tuesday, December 16, 2008

more Christmas card

Here are some of the cards I made for SIN. Just sooooo glad I was able to borrow the stamps from the Gals.
Can't remember who I got this image from, but she was so much fun to color with. I wanted it all sparkly and my Sakura gel pens didn't really cut it, so.... I used my embossing markers and then emboss with Stardust powder.
I know I got this image from Nancy! They are done all the same way, just changed the layout a bit.

This image is from Nancy too! I think I stamped 10 of each last CalGals "Thanks". LOL, I might have to borrow more for next year.
I still have about 3 more Christmas cards to post for you. But for now I hope you're enjoying the rest of your day.
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Monday, December 15, 2008

Christmas Baskets

Another order for Christmas baskets that's due today. Only 7 though... so it was very easy.

They wanted snackies for the office staff to share. It doesn't look much... but believe me there's tons in the basket.

I still have to post the rest of the Christmas cards, which I finished last night ready for pick up tonight.
It is very COLD here in Calgary today. I didn't take my pre-schooler to school cause it's only for 2 hours of play and snack, which I think she can do very comfortably at home.
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Friday, December 12, 2008

Christmas Cards

I was able to make some cards last Sunday. I was having so much fun using Faith's technique that I did all 12 in one day.

I used my embossing markers for this one and I started coloring Rudolph with the only brown I have and it was very dark, so... Rudolph ended up being silver.

All of the stamp images I got from the Cal-Gals. I should really buy some of my own for next year.

This one is sooo cute! Notice the one on the left? I was coloring it and was kind a wondering why little kitty's paws were so huge. Then I realized that it was part of the hat. I guess I will have to fix that one!

I got the idea from Nancy and so as the Christmas tree image. I colored the tree with my copic and some with stampin up markers, then versamark and embossing powder.

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Sunday, December 7, 2008

Holiday Sparkles

I got this card from Nancy. Along with some goodies (I didn't get a chance to take a picture of it cause I coudn't wait to open it...LOL it was in a see thru bag!) I love how she did the circle corner punch and the little bling-bling. Thanks Nancy!

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All done with the order!! 30 purse style and 12 shakers. I was getting tiered of making the same thing over and over. Don't get me wrong... when you have to make that much, you have to do all the same design or you will never get it done.

The shakers was so much fun to make. Thank god for the cuttlebug and nesties.
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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Paper Embroidery

It's time consuming but the result is worth it. I tried to do the unisex card, but it ended up more of a girly card with that ribbon. LOL and I think they are hoping for a boy.

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