Monday, July 28, 2008

Little Challenge

I did a little challenge to my self yesterday. My goal was to do all of my August cards in one sitting, which is total of 8 cards.

rules were:
1. to use one color from my textured stampin card stocks (the one that I don't really care for) as the base card.
2. one stampin up textured paper that I really love (green) and a choice of black or white textured paper.
3. set of one spellbinders.
4. create all 8 cards using all of the above items without repeating the same layout.

I didn't get all 8 done, but I managed to do 6.
The fellas were done a while back. I did the piecing technique and they were a lot of work. It was a good thing I did some extras.

Not really happy with my sponging job here. It was hard sponging while keeping the die in place. If only I have a compressor and sketch copic markers to do this job {{wink wink}} I think it would of been alot better and easier.

I used to hate using my spellbinders with my cuttlebug. But look at me now!!! I hated it because it was to hard to line them up (I like to stamp and color then cut) Somebody probably figured this out already somewhere out there. You know how you have your A plate/C plate/die (face up)/paper/B plate (cutting plate) then run it through your bug? Well.... it was really hard lining up the die and the picture inside, then FLIP IT OVER without moving or shifting it around. So... now I do A plate/ B plate (cutting plate)/paper/die/C plate and voila!!! you can actually see what you are cutting.

I thought my little challenge would be hard, but it was quite easy actually. I got the idea from Shelley's blog, her mom made some cards that were the same color combo but different layout. Thanks Penny.

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Friday, July 25, 2008

Anniversary Card

Wow... my last post was the 11th. We got back from our family visit Monday and with the unpacking/laundry/yard work etc... I can't believe it's already Friday! Well... the yard work I don't mind. Hubby bought me a rechargeable mower (before summer) and I have been cutting the grass at least twice a week. Yup... neat freak over here! well... hubby calls me lunatic. "lol" I know deep inside he likes it cauze he doesn't have to do it.

I had fun making this one. Our friend's Anniversary and was asked to make a card for the wife.
I got the ok to post it as long as I blurr their faces.

That's it for me today. Thanks for bloggin' by!

Thursday, July 17, 2008


My two little girls are packing their toys for our little visit with family. Check out their packing job.

Our poor dog... I tell ya... the girls are always dressing her up, I'm pretty sure if they can put lipstick on her they will do just that. lol with my luck... it will probably be my lipstick! (come to think of it... they might have done that, and I didn't know about it. YUCK!!

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Friday, July 11, 2008

Birthday Cards

Wheww.... done with the birthday cards for this month.

I love green!! and I think green and purple are good combo. I think this card will be great for me.. I could never have enough shoes!!
You're a blast stamp from stampin' up. Not a lot of layering to this one because I have to mail them. If you pull the ribbon up, the rocket will move up also. Got that technique from our stampin' up class. sorry for a quick post.

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Handy Fella

Busy..Busy...Busy... I have been tagged by Shelley! I just have a couple of minutes to post and then off to a concert at the Saddledome and then to the stampede ground for some MINI DONOUTS yummmm yummm. Maybe tonight I can reply to that tag.
I love Bella's stamps. I have all of the fellas and she just added three new fellas (gotta have them all) Lol...please tell me I'm not the only one out there with this sickness!

I did the piecing technique again. Gina K did a tutorial for piecing on her blog. It's a lot of work cutting the little pieces but I think it's nice once you put them all together.

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Sunday, July 6, 2008


One more card to share with you. just a simple one with no stamping at all. Tim Holtz alcohol inks and Stix2.

The Stix2 is very easy to use. You can find them at Scrapbook Pantry
All 18 cards are ready for delivery! (some I have posted before)
Well... That's it for me today. Thanks for bloggin' by and TTFN!

The Fellas

Thank God for Stampin' Bella! My Fellas are done.

Look at the background... Isn't it cool how it's so crisp?
I know... I know... I mentioned it before.
I stamped all my Fellas on four different printed paper that way when I put the pieces together they are more colorful.

I used my new toy to personalized each card. Boy... there's got to be an easier way to remove the paper from that mat!

What do you think of my little "GRUMPY" boy?

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New Toy

Well....what can I say, but AWESOME! Woo Hooo! I sold enough cards to buy me a new Cricut (sale price though) It sat in my craft room for about a week (Why???) I couldn't find a spot for it without taking half of my table and I wanted to play with it right away, but... there is this thing called instructions that I must read first, plus the cards that's due today.

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Friday, July 4, 2008

No Masculine Cards here!

Oh My Gosh!! look what I have for you... GIRLY cards! Yup... No masculine cards here!

I love TIM HOLTZ! the alcohol inks with alcohol blending solution is a fun technique to do (I know it's old news, but new to me!) I have been wanting to do this technique but didn't know which ink to mix it with. They are sold individually at Scrapbook Pantry and I'm always lost which one to buy (don't get me wrong... I DO WANT THEM ALL! ) If you don't want to guess which ink will go with another ink, Michael's have them in a pack of 3.
It's amazing how you can use the same ink, but yet get a different look by adding a drop or two of the blending solution.

FOIL... I ran it through my cuttlebug and the result is very clean and crisp. Now I'm going try it with my Spellbinders and hopefully I can incorporate that to my Masculine cards that I'm about to do (I think) wink wink
No stamping here ... I am running out of time and Peel Offs are the best and easy to use.

You have to check Ellen Hutson's blog! New Spellbinders Pierceabilites are to die for!!

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Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Garage sale Anniversary card

Another order from my garage sale ( there's one more order I have to do from that garage sale ~I think it's gonna be a big one!) Whooo Hooo Michael's here I come!

It's a 53rd Anniversary (Wow!) I did the vintage look, with the crackle technique and the embossing folder with ink technique. I got the idea from Melstampz with her 47 things you can do with your cuttlebug.
Well... I'm off to my craft room to finish that one order I have been putting it off (masculine cards) I think the due date is this Saturday the 5th. Wish me luck.
Thanks for bloggin' by!
By the way... You should check out Heidi's blog for more info about spellbinders one year anniversary (they are giving away lots of stuff!)