Wednesday, December 17, 2008

My last Christmas Cards

Wheew... I think I'm all done with Christmas cards!
I was able to do one embroidery card and I did the easiest one . I was going to add some beads, but just didn't have enough time.
Driving was BRUTAL today!! The kids were late 1 hour, it would of been 1.5 but the last kid didn't need a ride. Ahhhh.... just 2 more days and we're OFF for 2 weeks. Hopefully the weather will get better and melt all the snow!!! You know... I'm soooo OOOKKK with no snow for Christmas.
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Tracy.H said...

Hope the last few days go better for you. We have been pretty lucky with our has only been about 15 mins late in the mornings and about 15-20 coming home. Not too bad...considering this nasty weather!! :0)