Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Riley and Sophie

I'm loving my copics right now (now that I figured out the shading technique) I thought I have enough, but now I'm second guessing my self...I think I want them all!!
I thought this would be perfect for the New Year's resolution...I didn't have the right sentiments that's small enough, but thought "smile" is pretty good as in "smile and don't sweat the little stuff"

And how about some BLING~BLING. I didn't want to do each scallop, but it was uneven for every second one so... I had to do it all. (Yeah! that was a lot of work)
What do you think? I got 3 cards out of 1 DP.
Thanks for bloggin by!


Tracy.H said...

These are great, Merlie! think you need them all? Try coloring with just 15 of them!! ;0)

shelley- aka hairchick said...

They are all very cute!!
I can't wait for the new shipment to come!! I almost want to drive there to get them myself!!