Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Summer Fun

Well... if you live in Calgary, I don't think we will ever see Summer. We are going to see some white stuff again! I was just about to put all the winter clothes and boots away and make room for the summer sandals and flip flops, but I guess I'm gonna have to wait a weee bit more.

Another embossed vellum card. This is great for male cards (I have lots of girly stamps) you just google an image and voila. Next time I'm going to color with copic instead of embossing.

Have a great day and thanks for bloggin by!


Nancy said...

Cute card girl!!!

I resorted to jeans instead of my capris today... but I am hoping to get away with bare feet if I don't leave the house once it starts snowing.

Going to run my errands *now*!

Tracy.H said...

Great card, Merlie!

I so depressed right now...this dam snow!!! And I have to go out and take Em to Gymnastics tonight...boohoo!!! :0(