Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sparkly enough for you?

Happy Halloween to you all! Hubby made me buy more candy for tonight, fearing that we might run out, being it's on a Saturday and all. Well..... we had 23 kids including our girls! How sad is that? Our friends in Panorama Hills had 80 kids and still counting.

Have some cards to share with you.

Thanks for bloggin' by!


Shannon said...

I didn't count but I didn't get home until 7 and by 8:30 I probably had about 50 and I turned off the light for about 15 minutes at 8 to put Hailey down. I can see Halloween is going to get busier and busier in Kinora as all these kids are now of Halloweening age!

Tracy.H said...

That was it? Wow! We usually get somewhere between 50-60 and I think it was about that again this year. :0)