Friday, December 4, 2009

Do I really need it?

You BET!! I just picked this up at Michael's today for $10!!! I used my 50% coupon (last week's receipt) and then the 20% coupon for all Martha Stewart products (this week's flyer) It's already a deal when you buy the combo pack, but the $10 is even better.
Is it ever ugly out there! Hubby dropped me off at LJB's school for PTI this morning for 9:15. It just started snowing and when I came out of the school (15 minutes later) everything was covered. I already did my shovel #1 for the day and I think I will probably do #2 shoveling after my afternoon run with the school bus.
Thanks for bloggin' by!


Tracy.H said...

You can use two coupons!?! Cool! But I am not venturing out just for that...I'm not CRAZY!! ;0)

I am not shoveling today...I refuse. If you are walking on my sidewalk? You are a dumbass! Go home! ;0)

Nancy said...

TWO COUPONS??!! I had no idea!!

I bought the snowflake set last week... it's beautiful!