Saturday, October 30, 2010

Happy Halloween!

My girls can't wait for Halloween!! They been asking to decorate the house, but I didn't wan to dig for our Halloween stuff. I know... I know... I'm such a bad mom.
After a day of nagging and whining..... My oldest one finally convinced me to get some pumpkins. We didn't buy the real one for I wanted to be able to use them again for next year.
We got the pumpkins from Michaels where they are 60% off and I used my HotMarks instead of the Pumpkin Carving kit.
It was actually very easy....

and fun!

Sorry I have no card for you... I have been trying, but my MOJO is gone and it's also hard to concentrate when all I want to do is read. Another Vampire story by Karen Marie Moning, I have total of 4 books to read and I'm on the 4th one. Maybe I'll be able to craft then once I'm done.....
Thanks for bloggin' by!

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Tracy.H said...

Those are cute! We still have not done ours. Maybe today...but maybe not too. ;0)