Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Clean and Simple

Love the sketch by FTL 117. Clean & Simple and easy to make. Of course we are going by quantity and lots of it.... I am using all of my punches and very small amount of stampin'.

I have started my Christmas Cards the beginning of this year (5 cards per month) and so far I have total of 80 cards. But.... I have been invited to this Christmas Craft Fair today to sell home made cards and I might end up with zero card for my self. I might load up on meds again and hope to create 40 cards in one night to catch up.


Nancy said...

Love it Merlie!!! And good luck with the craft fair!

Tracy.H said...

Love it! I might have to use this to finish up my own cards!! Good luck with the sale! :0)

Allison said... motivated me to try it too!