Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mojo Madness

Well.. what do you think of that? A post that is not PPC.... seriously sad isn't it?  I thought I will find time to craft now that my girls are in school all day, I even do my one hour exercise at 6 in the morning so it will not interfere with my "me time".  Since I started my exercise a month a go, I find I have more energy to do things, but unfortunately crafting by my self is not one of it.  Maybe I have to find a crafty friend to hang during school hours...wanna come and play? 

Had fun creating this the sketch!  Thought I'd use my dusty spellbinders that's been collecting dust.  "Spellbinders" did you know you can get them at Michaels(Canada) now? Sweet!! cause you can use the coupon. 

Enjoy the rest of your weekend and Thanks for bloggin' by!

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Tracy.H said...

I wish I could come play! Gotta find some time to play...just not motivated to play. Gonna try a new workout schedule today and hope I can find something that works and I can stick with. Wish me luck!! Cause working full-time now, I am finding it REALLY hard to find a good time to do the workouts and to find crafty time too.