Thursday, August 30, 2012

Hats and more hats

No cards from me, because I've been busy making hats for my girls.
This purple hat is the original hat that we paid $25.

Which I then copied the pattern.

 The other $25 hat!!  I had a hard time copying this one.... but once I figured it out, there was no stopping.

 Then decided to add some buttons and flowers.... my models are pretty eager to model all the hats.  Well.... my youngest one at least.

 Average price of yarn were $2.... can't beat that!
Thanks for bloggin' by!


onecraftymama said...

Gorgeous models you have there! I have a great resource for free crochet patterns - although if you can figure out the pattern from a finished item...holy moly, you rock!
The directory is split up into types of pattern. I hope you find it useful - I use it all the time :)

caton yesiondre said...

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