Saturday, February 9, 2008

Craft room/Laundry room

Up dated pictures of my craft room.
Scrapbooking storage from Michael's is what I use to do my photo Shelves from Michael's and Ikea to hold all off my Stampin up and other wood block stamps
Paper Racks
Clear stamps in CD case and Cricut cartridges
Rods and baskets from Ikea
More scrapbooking storage from Michael's

More corner and border punches and of course my Penny Blacks's stamps

Punches and more PUNCHES!!

Old pictures of my craft room.

My little studio for my card. I could never find a spot on my table to do this so I bought this organizer from Michael's and use it for taking pictures

Shelves from Michael's (of course) and wire baskets from the loonie store.

See my 12x12 paper storage? I made that! yup! I did. well.... not made it from scratch. That's 2 sets of wire cube storage solutions, I just used the other set for shelves by using the ties to hold it together.
My cuttle bug area and stamps storage

See the Vacuflow canister? lol I wanted it moved but hubby said it's the master piece in my craft room!

I used the tool organizer to hold all of my embossing powder/beads/eyelets. My cd rack from Ikea to hold all of my clear stamps.

oh yeah!!!! My fav! I love punches, love love love love love them...... I used the ikea rod to hold them. Can't wait for our water tank to go so we can change it to tankless water heater. We have 2 and 1 is already down, do you know where I'm going with this???? Yes.... more room in my craft room.

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Karin Katherine said...

What an amazing idea for storing punches!