Thursday, February 14, 2008

Liquid Applique

Liquid Applique is a paint that when it's heated it will give you dimensional effect. My girlfriend and I have been looking for this all over Calgary. We finally ordered from all that scrap and waited months for them. The pen is very small and they cost $3.58 each! I was at Michael's killing time till I have to do my run when I came accross the paint section for fabric and VOILA! guess what I found!!! 1.25 Fl. oz dimensional fabric paint for $1.79 probably 10 times the size of liquid applique (you see... we have checked there before, but we were looking for "Liquid Applique" name on it, we even asked the staff and they just looked at us like we were on something) The brand name is TULIP and they have different kind. You have to look for PUFFY kind. (oh... my girlfriend is gonna kill me because I haven't told her yet.)

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Sumd said...

I've been looking for it too. you think with all the people who use it in calgary, it would be easier to find.

did you have to heat imboss the tulip paint also? does it look just like liquid aplique or a bit different?