Friday, November 28, 2008

Spring clean up in November

I spent all day Saturday re-organizing my craft room to make room for my new 12 X 12 racks from wiredisplays. I was gonna get the tall skinny one, but no place for it in my room. Instead I went with 3 stackable side by side 12 slots cause I know I can put it on my dryer. Tey're $35.95 each with 25% as is sales discount (Canadian dollors)

I also put my other rack on the washer (hubby said he will hang it from the ceiling to raise it off the machine a couple of inches)

And of course I had to re-invent my ribbon holder!

I got the idea from Ellen Hutson. I do sponging a lot and I always get the ink all over my fingers, but this way you have the paper clip as the handle. I also bought a storage for it so I have one sponge per color.
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Anita C said...

Hey Merlie. Nice new paper racks! The basket turned out great.