Monday, February 9, 2009

Dreams come true

Ahhhhh.... I can't wait till we can do that outside! Gosh.. don't get me wrong! I'm not complaining with our weather. I'm just saying I can't wait.
Check him out eh? I got the image from the Cal~Gals meeting. I think it's Tracy and it's Penny Black. Again... I used my copic and never did keep track of what I used.
Hubby is giving me a hard time with my copic compressor! I must say... he is right! I do need to use it more, oooops.. I should say... I do need to USE it! I used it before and I couldn't believe how much ink I wasted trying to figure out the spray pattern. I know Marianne Walker touch that topic before and maybe I should give it a try again.
Have a wonderful Monday and Thanks for bloggin by!

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Tracy.H said...

So cute, Merlie. I am so with ya on the weather's okay, but I am so ready for winter to be over!! :0)