Saturday, June 6, 2009

Mother Father

Ta da.... don't you just love that sight?

Here's a closer look of what we woke up with this morning! We planned on doing a street garage sale for this weekend and there's no space for my plants in the garage. I guess I could of covered them last night... but didn't get around to it. I guess we are not doing the garage sale today!

I was hoping for this kind of weather. Oh well..... I guess we can just dream about it. Any who..
here's a card I wanted to share with you. I thought I better create something and update my blog.

Thanks for bloggin' by!


Tracy.H said...

I am so not impressed! Luckily we have not bought any flowers yet. And we almost put up the gazebo the other day too!! Thank goodness we waited!! :0)

Dixie said...

I can't believe you had snow in June. Ridiculous, hey? The card is really cute, Merlie.

Nancy said...

How on earth did you do the red border???