Wednesday, July 29, 2009

My Little Crafter

My oldest daughter created this one today. I'm soooo impressed with her creativeness!!!!
I wish I can say the same for me... yesterday, I took a break to clean my table and I knew that starting over again with a clean table will just screw me up. I was in my craft room till 3:00 am and have nothing to show for! (We had some friends over last night for supper and drinks. And since I don't drink, I decided to have coke instead. That was my second coke for the day and boy... was I wired! So, I decided to do more cleaning and organizing till 3 am)
I even re-organized all of my scraps. "LOL" Well... when you throw all of them out, there's nothing really left to re-organize.
And that is how my daughter created this master piece.
Thanks for bloggin' by!

1 comment:

Nancy said...

Lexiss did a great job!!!

I had no idea you didn't drink!! And two Cokes did you in? Geesh, you are a cheap date LOL!