Monday, August 24, 2009

Back to our routine!

This morning, our house was not a happy place at all. Today is my Dry Run (practice) for the school bus. There was a lot of crying and screaming from the girls. I can't blame them though... for I must of snoozed the alarm for 30 minutes before I finally decided to get up.
This year my route is pretty good. We don't have to wake up the girls at 6 in the morning. We will be waking them up at 7 instead (well... we will see if 30 minutes is enough to eat half a toast and drink half a cup of milk) "LOL" it's very painful to watch them eat! And I don't think 10 minutes is enough for them to change (they are at that age where nothing is cool enough to wear!) Oh... did I mentioned they are only 4 and 5! Yup.. nothing cool to wear!
I have a class this Saturday and here's a treat bag that the ladies will be doing. Nothing fancy, just something simple and quick.
Thanks for bloggin' by!


Tracy.H said...

cute bag! We have been getting up at 7:00AM the past few days to get everyone ready for Thursday. But we actually have to get up at 6:00-or 6:15am!! It is gonna be a tough few weeks. :0)

Allison said...

Oh gawd, don't even remind me. T is so off his schedule, it's scary. And with pumping and getting the girls ready, I think it will be another year of "Scary Mommy in Sweatpants" dropping the kids off at school! Loving your problem with the C insists on only wearing dresses now even when its 40 below! Your little bad is sweet and I am sure oh-so-cool in person (great prima!).

Allison said...

Bag...not bad. I should re-read my comments before bad (and not bag this time!).

Nancy said...

Will you be able to get Thing 1 to school with your new route????

We started back to regular bed times on the weekend for the kids... and wouldn't you know it, Matthew is now sleeping in. Sigh.

Thursday at 7am is going to SUCK!