Thursday, May 13, 2010

Call me crazy!

Seriously... I think I need help!!! I have been racking my brain of a better way to store my distress ink pads along with the sponge blocks, where it's easy to grab and easy to put back. Here's how I used to store my distress ink pads.

And here's my new and improved storage shelves!!

They're not really shelves, they are copic markers containers. The base comes with 4 holes and I screwed them to the wall, but the lids are just sitting on top.

I have 5 cases and was gonna sell them when we did our garage sale, but for some reason.... I decided not to. Now I can store my ink pads and have the coordinating sponge block on top. I'm pretty happy how it turned out, but I know what you're thinking.... LOL, and I can't even blame you for thinking that.
Thanks for bloggin' by!

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