Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Mother's Day

I can't believe Mother's Day is this weekend already. I mean... I know it's just around the corner, just didn't expect it to be here soooo soon. I already got my Mother's Day present though. It was a tough one!! A weekend of crafting or a new COACH bag. Let's just say.... I'll be crafting in my room for that weekend.
I have been playing with my Cricut Expression over the weekend and I don't think I'm liking it. I wasted so much paper cutting over and over. I wanted this particular flowers, but my paper kept ripping and the flowers didn't look anything like how it's suppose to be. I finally got one that's good, but it's 5 inches!!!
I had to trim it very close, so I'm able to decorate it. This one is the negative part which I put duct tape behind it and covered it with glass beads.
At least with the positive parts.... I can assemble it closer and don't need that big of a card. I made both cards this morning and they are already mailed. How's that for a change?? I still have to do TCC #4. The dead line was the end of April and this is the first month I'm late.
Thanks for bloggin' by and hope it's nice and sunny where you are!

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