Monday, April 4, 2011

Happy Monday

I know, I know.... there's nothing Happy about Mondays! Specially with all the snow we got over the weekend!! I have an order of 24 cards due next week.... lets just say "I'm getting there" nice and slow. I was hoping to get at least half over the weekend, but sadly... I only did total of 2! Mojo didn't want to craft... Mojo wanted to read!!!! I read two books instead.... "Cry no more" and "Mr Perfect" by Linda Howard. Such good books... if you have kid(s) "Cry no more" will definitely make you cry.
Here's one of the card... I used TheSweet Stop Sketch Challenge. I must say... I'm very happy with the result, specially with the colour combo.

Thanks for bloggin' by!


Tracy.H said...

Love this one, Merlie! Thanks for the books...I added No More Tears to my TBR list! Like I need more!! ;0)

Allison said...

Super the floral spray.

Dixie said...

So very pretty, Merlie! I love the colours you used, and those flowers are great.

debby4000 said...

Oh this is beautiful Merlie. Hope you manage to get all the cards done.

Shelby Goolsby said...

Very,very pretty!! Those flowers are gorgeous and I agree, I love the color combo. Hugs,Shelby