Saturday, February 13, 2010

Sarah Kay

New stamps from Sarah Kay.... I want them all!!!! I have been stalking 7kidscollegefund (the only site I know that sells SK , that is close to Canada) I'm really trying to cut down, but this one is calling my name....I guess I'm just gonna have to settle with what I have.

We went to see AVATAR Thursday night as our Anniversary date (Feb 14th) We went to the early show, thinking that it's not gonna be busy.... Wow...It was packed! I enjoyed it, but since the movie didn't come with FAST CARS, hubby didn't see the big DEAL. I really wanted to see NEW MOON, but because it's coming to DVD soon, it's playing at the Movie Dome (it's like a loonie store movie theater) I used to go there 8 years ago and it was disgusting back then... a place where you didn't want part of your body to touch the seat at all and I'm pretty sure it's even worst now. I think I'll just wait till March 10th to watch it at home. Plus.. I know I'm gonna want to watch it again.

Thanks for bloggin' by!


Tracy.H said...

This turned out great, Merlie!! We have taken the kids to the Movie Dome a few times...and's not the cleanest place, but sometimes it is actually not too bad. It all depends on if it is a busy day or not. I think they only clean the place once a day!! ;0)

Nancy said...

another option for the cheap theatres is Canyon Meadows... it's way down south but at least it's not scary like Movie Dome!

Great card, as always!