Friday, February 12, 2010

Sentimentaless Card

Is that even a word? "Lol" I googled it and nothing came up (at least not in English). Since it's so hard to come up with a title, I guess you're just gonna have settle with this one.

I sell all my cards and the last time I had a class, the ladies raided my inventory. Majority of them will like the card, but they wish it's a different sentiment. So now, I'm trying to figure out how to make a card with out sentiments, but be able to add one later with the coordinating colours and DP. Hmmmm.... sounds like a lot of work. I'm gonna have to think more on that.

You're gonna see a lot of 5.5 X 5.5 cards from this blog. I have 2 boxes of DCWV embossed cards, that I have been hoarding for a looong loooong time. It's very nice, but not thick enough for it to stand on its own. Well.... with all the layering that I do with it, It's no surprise it wouldn't stand on its own.

Thanks for bloogin' by!


Nancy said...

I like it!

I make a lot of my cards without sentiments or with general sentiments so that I can use them for whatever I need them for. You'll get used to it, maybe!

Tracy.H said...

Another beautiful creation, Merlie! If the fronts all look like this? You won't have a problem coming up with sentimentless cards! ;0)