Monday, February 14, 2011

Happy Valentine's Day!!

Love is everywhere today!! My youngest just came home from school and she got lots of sweets and cards from her classmates. I got my two dozen of roses already from hubby for our Anniversary (8th) today. Ever since he paid $60 for a dozen roses on our 1st year Anniversary, I told him to get my flowers before or after if the price is gonna be like that. I got them on Friday.

Onto my card.... Just something cute and girly! And yes... I used my cricut! I know it's sad that I hardly ever pay any attention to it. Maybe I should just sell it like Nancy did with hers. Hmmmm.... and maybe not!

Thanks for bloggin' by!


Anita C said...

Happy Anniversary!! Wow eight years already!!

Tracy.H said...

Cute card, Merlie! Happy Anniversary. :0)

Anonymous said...

Happy Anniversary! I haven't upacked my cricut since we moved last year. I think I should sell mine too!

Allison said...

Sweet! Love the color choices for your puppy on this one! Happy Anniversary!