Thursday, January 14, 2010


Perfect place to store my paper, don't you think?
My craft bag is actually hanging. I used the bungee cord, so I can kind a pull it down to my level and it can also turn around.
Ikea racks and little wire baskets.
All of my wooden stamps (mostly stampin' up) Shelves from Ikea and Michaels.
Photo area and copic markers. My compressor is actually on top of my upright freezer.

Little craft area for my little girls. It's actually their change table. The only thing I kept, cause I knew I could use it for storage.
My craft room is only 116 sq ft. It's perfect for 1 crafter ,but 2 would be pushing it.
Thanks for bloggin' by!


Tracy.H said...

Hey Merlie...okay...your room is so nicely organized. I sooooo need to do something with mine! Did you use the wire racks with the plastic thingies for your paper racks? How do you like it? I like the look of it.

Dianne Forst said...

Holy Crap Merlie!! This looks amazing!! It definitely inspired me to get my room very organized! Definitely need to do another Ikea shopping spree!!

Hopefully this will keep your mojo flowing!

Allison said...

OMG could open your own store! I admire your OCD...I need some!