Wednesday, January 13, 2010


Finally!!! I am done moving this and that from here to there. The whole idea was to have easy access to my cricut..... but my OCD kicked in and I had to move everything around and it took me more than just a couple of days.

My New Year Resolution for 2010 is "NO MORE PUNCHES!"
You think that's bad?
Can you see it?
That's right... I ran out of space! I had to store my combo punches with my Penny Black's stamps.
The only thing that is on my table now is my Cricut. I'm gonna have to read the manual again, I think I only know the on/off button. Or maybe just check out Robyn's blog.

CD rack is from Ikea.

I got some Michael's gift cards from Christmas and I bought some shelving/rack organizer.
Ahhhhhh.... Now I can craft again.
Thanks for bloggin' by!


Nancy said...

I should do mine some day when I have a few hundred dollars around to help me create new storage.... it kinda works... but yours is PRETTY!!!


Shannon said...

She did it .. she shared her room ... it looks fab ... but your forgot the picture to show how what you have on top of the washer and dryer!

Tracy.H said...

OMG!!! more punches! It looks so nice and clean and organized...One day I too want a pretty room...but I need walls first!! ;0)

Tracy.H said...

Hey Merlie...what is that, that you have all your flowers in? and what is that purse thing below them? Curious minds want to know. I am heading down to my room to take a GOOD look and see what I can do to make it look more pretty too!! You guys are making me very envious of these pretty rooms!!! Ugg...