Monday, March 1, 2010

Canadian EH?

Wowser!!! That was one hell of a game! I thought I was gonna have a heart attack... I was so disappointed when the US scored with only 24 seconds to go. As a matter of fact... I was so upset that I was not gonna watch the overtime at all. But I did! screaming and yelling like they can hear me at all. One proud CANADIAN here baby!! Oh yeah... I cried, that's ok cause I know I wasn't the only one.

Today is LJB's 6th Birthday!!! Her party is this Saturday and she is sooo EXCITED!! I'm not that excited.... we are having it at home and she invited 5 girls and 5 boys. That would be total of 13 kids including my 2 girls and one of her classmate's brother. First time ever having the party at home and I think it might be the last one too.

MJB's Birthday is next month and I did her invites the same as LJB's. Her party will be at home too! Of course.. have to have the same as big SIS.

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Tracy.H said...

These turned out great! I wish you all the best this weekend with the party. ;0)

Nancy said...


Dianne Forst said...

these look awesome! Have a great time!! :)