Thursday, March 18, 2010

Taking my time..

That is the last thing I should be doing!!! The 23 cards that's due in April is not going so well. I have done 8 so far and instead of tackling them, I have been making hair clips for the girls. Talk about time management eh?
I know I always find it hard to make masculine cards, so I'm doing them first. So far I did 3... all about camping and then golfing next. I still have about 2 weeks and I know I can do it.... I just have to stop making hair clips!
Thanks for bloggin' by!


Nancy said...

I *never* make masculin cards... maybe a few boy birthday, but nothing for a man! I just can't do it!!! Come play with me... I'm sure we'll get lots done!

Tracy.H said...

Very cute, Merlie. Where did ya get that backgroud paper? It's cute. Good luck with the cards...just remember...focus, focus, focus. ;0)