Tuesday, March 16, 2010

Everything Old is New Again

My intention was to do the challenge, but after sitting there for a while.... and I mean a long time with my ribbon bits and pieces scattered all over my table, I ended up making hair clips for the girls instead.

At least it's productive right?

I have to let them sit in my craft room for a while to air them out. I find the hot glue gun very messy, so I use the E6000 glue instead. A little bit potent, but at least not messy.
Do you have any idea how much they sell them for? As high as $7.99 a pair! isn't that outrageous? I bought a pack of 6 barrettes for $3.49 ($1.74 with coupon of course) and the ribbons are $1.29 for a spool of 5 yards. And to make that flower was only 14 inches of ribbon.
Thanks for bloggin' by!

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Tracy.H said...

OMG, Merlie! These are so cute. I am bringing ribbon with me next week and you have to show me how to make these flowers!! Kay? :0)